Pre-Conference Talks

On the occasion of ICLC 7 - UCCTS 3, the Contragram research network is proud to announce two pre-conference talks to which you are all cordially invited.

These talks will take place on Wednesday, July 10 at the conference venue, Het Pand, Onderbergen 1, in the Prior Room. Talks will be presented by two members of the Contragram research network with long-standing experience in contrastive linguistics:

16.30-17.30: Prof. Dr. Johan van der Auwera, University of Antwerp

"Even – scaling up from contrastive to typological linguistics"

17.30-18.30: Prof. Dr. Beatrice Lamiroy, University of Leuven

“The pace of grammaticalization and language change in Romance: the position of Catalan”


The Contragram research network on ‘Contrastive linguistics: Constructional and functional approaches’ aims to promote expertise on the interaction between contrastive linguistics and constructional and/or functional linguistics. The network is a Scientific Research Network (in Dutch, Wetenschappelijke Onderzoeksgemeenschap — WOG), funded by the Research Foundation — Flanders (FWO).

It brings together twelve internationally renowned research teams at the intersection of contrastive linguistics and language typology on the one hand and construction grammar and/or functional linguistics on the other hand. Through several concrete initiatives, we aim at a thorough theoretical and methodological reflection concerning the interaction between the above-mentioned disciplines and frameworks.